Xfc Rechargeable Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor, Home Use Digital Upper Arm Automatic Measure Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Pulse with Large Cuff

Price: $37.20
(as of May 13,2020 02:21:27 UTC – Details)

Model:Blood Pressure Monitor
measurement method:Wrist type
Measurement methods:Oscilometric assay
Number of memory groups:2X120 group
Pulse detection range:40times/minute-199 times/minute   Pressure detection range:0kPa-37.33kPaa
Mainframe dimensions:70×72.5×32.6mm
Cuf range:23-33cm
Weight :About 120G(without battery)
Power: 2 * AAA battery(Without battery)

* Small and exquisite, easy to carry and small, can be carried anywhere, anytime, in your pocket, parents can take measurements anytime, anywhere.
* Built-in measurement with built-in chip measurement accuracy. The product has a built-in chip that collects clinical data from most hypertensive patients, optimizes software algorithms, and measures stability and accuracy.
*High-definition large screen clearly visible function partition, clear and intuitive, and you can see bold font at a glance, automatic pressure low pressure / low pressure design, uniform inflation speed, inflation pressure is not too high, with silent inflation function, for users Bring a wonderful experience
* Wrist sphygmomanometer wrist sphygmomanometer automatically measures automatic inflation. In the winter, the elderly can take measurements without taking off their coats. Convenient and practical.
*Automatically save the memory The sphygmomanometer automatically saves the data after the measurement, which makes it easier to measure the comparison data next time and reduce unnecessary trouble.Power: 2 * AAA battery(Without battery)