Looking at Some Natural Remedies For Heart Disease

Are you interested in natural remedies for heart disease? You may be recently diagnosed. You may wish to prevent it. There are things that you can do for this problem.

Make sure and listen to your doctor. If you are on specific medications, do not fail to take them. There are supplements and things that you can take. Make sure that they will not interfere with any medication that you take.


This is a very safe supplement. It is a vitamin like substance that is found throughout the body. For some reason, people with conditions like congestive heart failure are low on COQ10. Supplementing can make a big difference. It is used as a treatment for heart conditions in many foreign countries.

COQ10 is a good supplement to take with statin drugs. Statin drugs can effectively lower cholesterol. However, they can deplete the body of COQ10. Taking OCQ10 can be important for your cardiovascular health.

Vitamin C

Are you getting enough vitamin C? It is not easy to eat foods high in vitamin C every day. It is a good idea to take a quality vitamin C supplement. This vitamin has shown to have a positive effect on cholesterol and cardiovascular health.


Hawthorn berry is the source of many worldwide studies. It is proven to be effective for many cardiovascular conditions. It may increase blood flow to the heart and help it to work easier. It is believed to have no major side effects.


Taurine is an amino acid. Taurine helps the body maintain proper electrolyte levels. This can protect the heart from lack of potassium.


This is an important element. Deficiencies have been linked to things like cardiomyopathy. It has also been linked to high cholesterol levels.

Chromium picolinate

Your body needs chromium for proper cardiovascular function. It may help to lower bad cholesterol. At the same time, it may help to raise good cholesterol.


Arginine is an essential amino acid. Arginine provides nitric oxide to the body. This is essential for vein and artery health. It may help with hypertension, as it relaxes blood vessel walls.


Do you wish to find natural remedies for heart disease? There are many things to look into. COQ10 is important for muscle function in the body. It is depleted when you take statin drugs. Supplementing with COQ10 may help cardiovascular conditions. Vitamin C has a positive effect on cholesterol. Hawthorn berry is a proven treatment in some countries. Your body also needs things like chromium, selenium and taurine. Make sure that you talk with your doctor before taking anything new.

Source by V K Rajagopalan