KMDB Blood Pressure Monitor Health Care USB Upper Arm Wrist Automatic ElectronicHome Voice Intelligent Sphygmomanometer Heat Rate Monitor Meter Cuff 22-32cm (Color : Yellow and White)

Price: $80.46
(as of May 11,2020 17:37:37 UTC – Details)

 «Double group 99 memory, IHB arrhythmia detection, WHO blood pressure classification
 «Smart press, live voice (optional), serial port (optional).
 «Voltage detection

Product specification
«Product size: 12.5cm*11.3cm*5.5cm (without armband)
Note: Due to different measurement methods, there will be slight errors. Please prepare with actual products.
«Storage temperature: -20°C~50°C
«Storage Humidity: 15%~90%
« Operating temperature: 10 °C ~ 40 °C
« Operating Humidity: 40%~85%

«Display: LCD Digital Display
 «Measurement method: Pulse scanning/oscillographic method
 « Measurement Range: Hypertension / Hypotension: 20mmHg~280mmHg
 « Pulse: (40~200) times/minute
 «Resolution: 1mmHg (0.1kPa)
 «Accuracy: ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa)
 « Pulse: Within ±3% of reading
 «Voltage: 3V
 «Power Consumption: 0.01W

★The operation is simple: simply wrap the wrist and press the button, the fully automated electronic sphygmomanometer starts to inflate and takes the necessary measurements, making it ideal for home use.
★Fully automatic, once wrapped in cuffs, you can get blood pressure and pulse results at the press of a button
★Even in a dark room, the LCD digital display ensures clear figures.
★Measurement range: Hypertension/hypotension: 20mmHg~280mmHg; Pulse: (40~200) beats/min; Resolution: 1mmHg (0.1kPa); Accuracy: ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa); Pulse: Reading ± Within 3%.